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Sounds (music, tones, noises and voices) are virtually omnipresent. Therefore, Sandberg Productions sets the focus on compositions that convey their message in a targeted and unique way. Customised audio design has great potential for your project or company. Regardless of whether you want to communicate your message through product marketing, corporate or project presentations, animations, movies or computer games: Sound should be part of the corporate design. The product or corporate strategy defines which audio design elements can be used to reach specific target groups.

Heard but not listened to – a synthesis that forms a harmonious whole of auditory environment, image and sound. A multi-sensory product is much more than the sum of its parts! Furthermore, sound elements will – frequently and most distinctly – be used in the form of audio branding, leitmotifs, jingles and slogans. They need both a clearly appellative character and a precise message. One simply cannot  turn a deaf ear … Sandberg Productions develops customised, distinctive audio solutions for your project. We delve deeply into the project to support the reception of information and the emotional flow. Our aim is to add value to the project or even give it a new dimension through audio elements that create a statement of its own. Sound is a means of communication that sets your brand, your project or your company apart from your competitors. It is a very valuable addition to your communication toolbox. Many years of experience in audio production make Sandberg Productions the perfect choice to team up with and to fully oversee and implement projects. You decide how much support you need, from individual content elements to complete all-in-one solutions.